Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There's a name for this???

Nail Biting

Licking your lips

Chewing gum

or any mouth noise


It feels likes a fork on a plate. Sometimes at school I want to run out of the classroom but I can't.

So I have to suck it up.

I am screaming in my head and I want to cry.

It makes me so stressed I can't concentrate because thats all I can hear.

I want to say.

"Do you really have to bite your nails in class???" "Do you really have to chew gum SO LOUD???"

I feel so out of control, I want to scream at the person "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"

I know they are not doing it on purpose and I don't know how it doesn't bother anyone else.

Once I leave or the noise stops, I still feel irritated. It sometimes takes a long time to calm down.

People don't know I feel this way. I try to hide it but it's hard.

Sometimes I block my ears or listen to music on my phone.

I want to move my seat in class but I don't want anyone to ask me why.

Because what would I say??

I wish there was a medicine  I could take to stop it.  It's so annoying,  I have a headache just thinking about it!!

I wish I could get rid of it.

My mom says there's a name for it.

It's called Misophonia.
Under the blanket in the car, blocking out the sound.


  1. My 2.5 year old will not let us listen to the radio in the car and often complains that we are "too loud" when talking to each other.

    If we persist in having a conversation she will talk or sing over us.

    Wonder if this is how she feels?

  2. You are gotten. We get you. My daughter is 18 and still will sit with a blanket over her at home. Just her and her phone. Nose breathing, swallowing, eating, breathing. Noises. TOo much.
    I come from a time where we were scolded for complaining so I've dealt with it internally all along. Still doesn't want to not make me throat punch someone in my mind. Because I do.
    A lot of people don't understand and if I could go all day with ear buds in playing my favorite music I would. We get you. WE totally get you. xoxo

  3. My hubby has the same problem, Morgan! If we are eating, he has to turn on music or the TV so that the sound doesn't drive him nuts. It bugs me, too, but not nearly to the extent it bugs him.

  4. Morgan, wish I could say I know what you are going through,but I don't.,only what I read.You are a very talented teenager in designing costumes,so maybe you could concentrate on a new design, or a special song when this happens. We all have our crosses to bear,but with God's help and prayers, hopefully some day, there will be a cure for this condition! Hang in there and never give up!!

  5. My 14 year old son will get so frustrated at times that he will have a total meltdown! We even had to pull him out of jr. High chorus because of it. Huge hugs to you Morgan!