Monday, April 6, 2015

A vacation full of firsts..

 I just spent a week on an island with my husband and kids.  I had been boycotting vacations since the last one.

A few years ago I wrote about a vacation we took (to the same place) and shared it. So many other wives and moms all over could relate to what I was saying, you can read that here.
This year we decided to go back and do it again, this would be our third time visiting St. Maarten.

I have to admit at first I felt like John owed me. I felt like he owed me for all the vacations we have been on where he's been clueless and unhelpful. But I realized that wasn't fair. I did my best to let him take control when he was confident and he was awesome.

 My kids are 13 and 16 and more than capable of handling themselves through airport security and on an airplane. This is the first trip they sat together on every flight and I got to sit back and do absolutely nothing!

This was a trip of many firsts...

We spent everyday at a different beach just relaxing. Everyone got to do what they wanted and it was great. It's the first time ever that we had the perfect mix of family time / John and Ash time. The kids are old enough to hang back in the room while we stepped out onto the beach at sunset. They are old enough to stay up late in their room and watch t.v. while we crashed early. And the best part was waking up to hot coffee followed by a long walk every single morning!!
An afternoon of shopping with Morgan.

It was also the first time I noticed a difference in Sarah, really looking around and realizing how some of these people live. I think almost everyday she told me how grateful she felt.  Watching her navigate and drive the jeep was priceless!!

First time I've ever had Morgan ask for a group hug!! And it's the first time she's ever sung Karaoke, first time we had ever heard her sing period!

It's the first time I didn't stress out about a thing...I realized I needed to let things go and compromise a little. My kids don't enjoy having a camera in their face and John doesn't like to take pictures at all. So I had to take what I could get and let go of the rest.

We still had some pretty funny mishaps!! ..But overall the memories from this trip are my favorite!
In fact they were so good, I told John I'd let him take us away again next year!

Sunset Beach

Friendly dogs everywhere

Endless mango smoothies
She finds the creepiest stuff wherever we go..this looked like a starfish / octopus 

Urchins in my cooler

Collecting shells for hours

St. Maarten 2015!!

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