Friday, February 6, 2015

Baby Look Alikes

Last week I made a post about a conversation I had with a person at work. The conversation was about babies and how some people might say all babies are beautiful, but some are really not.
I think as a mother you obviously think your child is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, specially if it's your first baby. Sarah was pretty darn beautiful, and seemed very photogenic as an infant. And even though I though Morgan was just as beautiful, her looks were completely different and she was not photogenic straight out of the womb like Sarah was.

I would take Sarah to sears and have her pictures taken every 3 mos and buy them all. I would take Morgan and pray for one good one. I was so excited to take Morgan for her first photo shoot.  I'll never forget looking at the pictures and thinking, oh my god she looks just like Frank from the show Everybody Loves Raymond!!

 So I asked online for people to share pictures of their kids looking like celebrities and even though I only had a few emailed submissions, they are all pretty awesome! Including Morgan's Frank picture!!

The Frank look alike

Baby  Jack Nicholson

Olsen twins look alike

Who is the real baby North

Little Ron Weasley